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4 Ways We Can All Help Fight The Effects Of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

In great contrast to how wild bees are portrayed as attackers in most movies, they are actually pretty friendly and essential to our survival. Scientific research has proven that honey bees are responsbile for pollinating over 100 vegetable and fruit crops worldwide. According to the American Beekeping Federation, around 30 percent of what Americans eat is linked to the hard work of honey bees on the field. That said, with the growing problem presented by the declining number of bee colonies, we may soon see a shortage of food.

Proper Nutrition

“Bees are crucial to human life because we rely on them for most of our food,” says Lee Rosen, CEO and chairman of Healthy Bees LLC, a Miami-based company dedicated to bee survival. “Many people do not know about the role bees play in our agricultural system. It’s time we do something before they totally vanish.”

Healthy Bees is the producer of BeesVita Plus, an organic and antioxidant-rich dietary supplement designed to boost the immune system of honey bees. Made in pre-packaged patty or water soluble powder form, this product contains more essential nutrients than the usual sugar water solutions fed by beekeepers. A USDA study even shows that it contains as much as 38 times more nutrition than the leading brand in the market today.

Colony Collapse Disorder Is Real

According to Bee Informed, the US has one of the highest colony loss rates in the world. This sharp drop has resulted in significantly lower yields from certain types of agricultural crops that are dependent on pollination. It has also led to higher raw honey prices. There are many theories on why worker bees are leaving their hives or dying out, but researchers seem to agree on these three reasons: the use of chemical pesticides, the presence of parasites such as varroa mites, and climate change.

How We Can Help

Beyond this powerfully effective supplements, as community members, we can all contribute to the repopulation of wild honey bees in our respective areas. Here are five ways we can help make the world a better place for our striped and winged friends.

  1. Grow a bee-friendly garden. Turn your yard into a place that they will want to visit frequently by planting bee-friendly flowers and setting up water sources for them to enjoy.
  2. Use natural products at home. One of the causes of colony collapse disorder is the use of pesticides. You can help make the world a nicer place for bees to live in by going organic and staying away from chemical products.
  3. Be a smart shopper. There are grocery store products that support global efforts to save the bees. Watch out for the “Share the Buzz” signs and related notices the next time you shop.
  4. Support beekeeping. Or be a beekeper yourself. Backyard beekeeping is a growing trend in the US and Healthy Bees’ BeesVita Plus can help ensure that your busy buzzing friends will get all the nutrition they need to do their work and multiply.
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In 2008, colony collapse disorder (CCD) destroyed approximately 80% of the honey bee colonies in a region of Italy. But on one family farm, the hives remained unaffected. Dr. Francesca del Vecchio studied the natural food resources specific to this farm to determine what the bees were ingesting that was making them thrive. After several years of testing hundreds of natural plant extracts, letting the bees choose the best compositions, Dr. del Vecchio created BeesVita Plus™ (BVP™). In 2011, Dr. del Vecchio and her partners founded a company now known as Healthy Bees LLC, which has patents pending for BVP™ across the world.