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In 2008, colony collapse disorder (CCD) destroyed approximately 80% of the honey bee colonies in a region of Italy. But on one family farm, the hives remained unaffected. Dr. Francesca del Vecchio studied the natural food resources specific to this farm to determine what the bees were ingesting that was making them thrive. After several years of testing hundreds of natural plant extracts, letting the bees choose the best compositions, Dr. del Vecchio created BeesVita Plus™ (BVP™). In 2011, Dr. del Vecchio and her partners founded a company now known as Healthy Bees LLC, which has patents pending for BVP™ across the world.

OKC Zoo Introduces New Bee Program

By | 2018-06-10T08:16:36+00:00 June 9th, 2018|Blog|

Honeybees are being housed at the Oklahoma City Zoo in their new pollinator program aimed at incorporating learning opportunities for zoo visitors while aiding in the pollination of plants around the premises. With the help of OKC Zoo Security Manager and bee enthusiast James Lowrey, the zoo has officially announced the addition of four hives [...]

Should You Keep A Backyard Beehive? The Right Way To Do It

By | 2018-06-10T08:13:25+00:00 June 6th, 2018|Blog|

The bee population has been on a steady decline for a decade now, but humans are not sitting idly by to watch them wither to dust. In fact, many have turned to backyard beekeeping to help boost the population of the buzzing pollinators. This is far from being surprising considering that people are now aware [...]

High Bee-Loss Rates Could Be Due To Climate Change

By | 2018-06-10T08:10:26+00:00 June 4th, 2018|Blog|

Bee population decline has been blamed for the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) for years. In turn, the CCD has also been linked to various causes, such as pesticide use, varroa mites, migratory beekeeping, and genetically-modified crops. However, a new survey conducted on beekeepers across the United States revealed another possible reason why the bee-loss [...]

High-Tech Beehives and Heat Treatments Found To Reduce Honeybee Decline Risk

By | 2018-06-03T02:40:34+00:00 June 2nd, 2018|Blog|

Many advocates have been devising various solutions to the declining population of honeybees. Most of the blame has been put on the onset of the so-called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a condition where mature bee workers disappear from their colonies, leaving the queen, nurse, and baby bees alone to fend for themselves. While it is [...]

The Truth Behind Honeybee Death Statistics

By | 2018-06-03T02:39:41+00:00 May 31st, 2018|Blog|

The decline in bee population has caused European countries to ban harmful chemicals used in farming and gardening like pesticides to prevent further harm on the helpful pollinators. During the announcement of their decision, European Union explained that the effects of these chemicals have gone beyond destroying colonies as it has also been seen to [...]

Oldest Church In Seattle Transformed Into Honeybee Sanctuary

By | 2018-06-03T02:32:27+00:00 May 28th, 2018|Blog|

Seattle has once again proven its support for bee life and preservation after its oldest church, The Sanctuary Seattle, became home to thousands of urban honeybees. According to media reports, around 20,000 Carniolan honeybees were flown to the city for the project. The honeybees were welcomed in the church rehabilitated by Daniels Real Estate where [...]

Probiotics May Be Key To Saving Bees Exposed To Pesticides

By | 2018-05-26T04:15:46+00:00 May 26th, 2018|Blog|

The dwindling bee populations across the globe has had scientists confused for years. The thing is, bees have been dying off in alarming numbers in recent decades, which is bad news for the health of the planet and those who dwell in it -- us. Bees, being pollinators, are the ones responsible for the production [...]

Red Zone To Launch in Christchurch To Protect Bees

By | 2018-05-26T04:12:30+00:00 May 23rd, 2018|Blog|

There’s good news for bees, bee keepers, and bee lovers all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. The city is setting up a red zone as part of efforts to save and protect endangered species of bees in the suburb of Dallington. The project is made possible by local bee keeper Simon Phillips, who obtained [...]

Black Mirror in 2018: Can Robotic Bees Be The Answer To Colony Collapse Disorder?

By | 2018-05-26T04:05:40+00:00 May 21st, 2018|Blog|

One devastating fact that more people need to be aware of these days is that there is a declining bee population and we should all be worried about it. According to Greenpeace, about 40 percent of commercial honeybees have died across the United States since 2006 due to what scientists call Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). [...]

6 Most Unique Beehive Designs In 2018

By | 2018-05-23T02:20:07+00:00 May 19th, 2018|Blog|

The bee population is striving to survive. Fortunately, many humans are helping them. In fact, people have become more aware of the problem and are starting to take part in saving the pollinators from extinction by providing them with better homes through backyard beekeeping. While there are some believe that backyard beekeeping may not be [...]