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Scientific Breakthrough BeesVita Plus Saves Honeybees

USDA, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, FIVE COUNTRIES, BEEKEEPERS WORLDWIDE World’s Largest Honeybee Field Trials Proves Product Improves Health & Mite Control Global Honeybee Epidemic Creates Colony Losses & Crops Concerns Varroa Mite Attacks Up, U.S. Hurricanes Drown Bees   Lee Rosen, Chairman & CEO, Healthy Bees, LLC, holding 5K Package of BeesVita Plus, Revolutionary Honeybee Varroa [...]

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Healthy Bees unveils BeesVita Plus

World’s largest honeybee field trials show product improves health and mite control. In the midst of a global epidemic of honeybee colony loss; Healthy Bees LLC unveiled BeesVita Plus — a first-of-its-kind, all-natural, scientific breakthrough nutritional supplement that bolsters resistance to pesticides and disease and suppresses deadly parasite infestations, according to field trials and lab [...]

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Bee nutrition product launched

America’s Healthy Bees, LLC on Oct. 5 unveiled a bee feed product supposed to make sure bees eat nutritiously. BeesVita Plus, a nutritional system supposed to bolster honey bees’ immune systems, strengthen their resistance to pesticides, and improve their overall health. “We now have a scientific formulation that provides us with a fighting chance to [...]

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