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Declining Bee Numbers May Threaten The World’s Coffee Supply

Coffee grows best in cool environments. That’s why beans that are produced from the mountains have the boldest flavor and highest quality. If you’re a true blue coffee lover, you certainly know the difference between a regular brew and a cup that’s born out of special coffee beans. Unfortunately, a new study shows that their supply is being threatened by the decline in the population of honey bees.

The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that the ill effects of climate change, especially in Latin America, is threatening the fate of this favorite morning beverage. The previous studies reportedly failed to take into account the consequences of environmental stressors to coffee-pollinating bees.

This is alarming not just for coffee lovers but also for plants that depend on pollination to survive. It poses an economic threat for farmers whose sources of income are largely dependent on this crop. In countries like Mexico and Guatemala, one of the primary sources of funds of indigenous families is coffee. Latin America is the largest producer of coffee in the world and the impact of climate change is creating the scare that the volume of production could fall by as much as 88 percent in the year 2050. This is reportedly expected to be felt the most in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

“Worldwide, colony collapse is a pandemic and millions of honey bees are dying. We don’t know the real cause yet, but clearly environment and nutrition play a vital role,” says Lee Rosen, chairman and chief executive of Healthy Bees LLC, a Florida-based company that produces the breakthrough bee health supplement BeesVita Plus.

BeesVita Plus contains a rich mix of vitamins, minerals, lipids, antioxidants, and more to help enhance bees’ immune system and make them more resistant to changes in the environment and possibly even pesticides that threaten their existence. The product comes in easy-to-use and pre-packaged mixes, thus also helping bee farmers spend less time and labor feeding bees. Further research on the effectiveness of BVP against certain pesticides and pests is still ongoing, but the results so far have been promising.

“BeesVita Plus boasts a scientific formula that gives bees the power to combat environmental and man-made forces that are threatening colonies,” adds Philip McCabe, the presidnet of the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. One can only hope that BeesVita Plus is reaching Latin American farmers or else we all say goodbye to our favorite sunrise drink.

Coffee product is highly dependent on pollination — and the highest movers are bees. Scientists call it a “David and Goliath” situation, where the enormously powerful strength of climate change is facing off against bee health.

Healthy Bees LLC was founded in 2011. It came about following a discovery by Dr Francesca Del Vecchio in 2008 of a diet that made certain bees in an Italian colony resilent against illness. BeesVita Plus is known to help bees fight pathogens and the ill effects of parasites and pesticides.

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In 2008, colony collapse disorder (CCD) destroyed approximately 80% of the honey bee colonies in a region of Italy. But on one family farm, the hives remained unaffected. Dr. Francesca del Vecchio studied the natural food resources specific to this farm to determine what the bees were ingesting that was making them thrive. After several years of testing hundreds of natural plant extracts, letting the bees choose the best compositions, Dr. del Vecchio created BeesVita Plus™ (BVP™). In 2011, Dr. del Vecchio and her partners founded a company now known as Healthy Bees LLC, which has patents pending for BVP™ across the world.