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Saving The World’s Bees Can Mean Saving Humanity

With the world’s population expected to hit the 9 billion mark come the year 2050, the need to acquire enough resources to support this rising number is high. Some even say that humanity’s future is dependent on the population of key pollinators, led by bees, which are responsible for about 70 of the 100 crop species that provide food to 90 percent of the globe. In a report by BBC, honey bees are credited for the production of $30 billion worth of agricultural produts every year.

In short, without the bees, much of our food sources will be gone, as well. This is because without pollination, plants will certainly die. This could then result in a major food shortage problem that will be extremely difficult to fix.

The threat to the life of honey bees is real and it is happening worldwide. The natural and manmade issues that shorten their lifespans and kill their colonies are alarming. In addition, as the demand for agri products rises with commercialization and rapid urbanization, the tendency to use pesticides and chemicals in farm environments is high, as well. Bees that are exposed to such have been shown to exhibit abnormalities, including birth defects, wing damage, convulsions, a weaker foraging ability, and even death.

This is why companies like Healthy Bees LLC, creator of the bee-focused health supplement BeesVita Plus, is a godsend. BeesVita Plus contains essential amino acids and carbohydrates that help boost bees’ resistance against chemicals and environmental stressors. It also has essential oils, minerals, lipids, and antioxidants that work together to enhance immunity in a way that is not seen in any other supplement to date.

“Some of our ingredients contain active molecules or principles that can aid in the reduction of the potential impact of pesticides to bee metabolism,” notes Dr. Francesca Del Vecchio, the chief scientist and one of the founders of Healthy Bees.

Climate change also has a major impact in the health and life of bees. With weather shifts and season delays, flowers, the main source of nectar, take longer to blossom. This leads to an extreme lack of nutrition for these winged insects, thus affecting their growth negatively. This ultimately results in poor colony performance and, eventually, collapse. In fact, data from the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations shows that in the US aloe, the rate of bee deaths ranges from 28 percent to 59 percent. This figure is at a high 60 percent worldwide.

Healthy Bees’ BeesVita Plus allows them to resist both environmental elements and the ill effects of chemicals. It has also been observed to more effective at warding off mites and other parasites compared to the formic acid strips that beekeepers commonly use. For now, research on the power of nutrition and the causes of the decline in bee populations continue. There exists an urgent need for the world to recognize the role bees play in preserving humanity. It is about time that we take major steps to save them to save ourselves.

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In 2008, colony collapse disorder (CCD) destroyed approximately 80% of the honey bee colonies in a region of Italy. But on one family farm, the hives remained unaffected. Dr. Francesca del Vecchio studied the natural food resources specific to this farm to determine what the bees were ingesting that was making them thrive. After several years of testing hundreds of natural plant extracts, letting the bees choose the best compositions, Dr. del Vecchio created BeesVita Plus™ (BVP™). In 2011, Dr. del Vecchio and her partners founded a company now known as Healthy Bees LLC, which has patents pending for BVP™ across the world.