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THE SOLUTION = BeesVita Plus™

BeesVita Plus™ is a revolutionary nutritional system for honey bees that organically strengthens their natural defenses. It protects them from pathogens and the detrimental effects of well-known maladies such as CCD, bad nutrition from monocultures in pollination services, and pesticides. BeesVita Plus™ is a science-oriented combination of natural ingredients that is showing concrete results among commercial and hobbyist beekeepers. In addition to containing carbohydrates and essential amino acids, BeesVita Plus™ also contains lipids, essential oils, minerals and antioxidants, making BeesVita Plus™ unique as the only complete honey bee supplement.

BVP™ Unique Product Features:


To date, the results from these field trials throughout the world show no colony losses for beehives treated with BVP™.

  • Honey bees consuming BVP™ produce more honey.
  • No trace of any BVP™ ingredients can be found in the honey or other end products produced by honey bees fed BVP™.
  • Complete absence of any toxicity.
  • Sold as a patty, greatly reducing labor costs and making beekeeping easier and more efficient.
  • 100% all natural and organic. All of the ingredients are on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ (GRAS) list and have been determined to be suitable for use in the USA, Canada, Central America (including Mexico), South America, New Zealand, Australia and the European Union (including Turkey).
  • Does not require any regulatory approval for sale in the USA, Canada, Central America (including Mexico), South America, New Zealand, Australia or the European Union (including Turkey).
  • Proprietary ingredients include carbohydrates, essential amino acids, lipids, carefully chosen essential oils with selected antioxidants, and minerals.
  • High levels of attraction to and consumption by honey bees.
  • Highly compatible with current honey bee feeding practices.
  • Easily stored in a wide range of cool and dry environments, with a shelf life in excess of two years.

1 – Weight Gain

A correlation between the total colony weight and the amount of BVP™ consumed was observed. No trace of the product was detected in the honey or other end products. The extra weight was due to the higher number of brood frames found.

Positive correlation of colony weight and BVP™ consumption. Bees that consume more BVP™ shown increased weight. Interestingly, no detection of the product was observed in the honey.

2 – Increased Number of Brood Frame

Beekeepers using BVP™ will enjoy an extra workforce of bees, producing more honey and other related precious bee products.

Brood frame number evaluation on bees fed with BVP™. Increased number of brood frames was observed with bees fed with BVP™ using some diversified delivery methods such as mixing with sugar syrup, water only or even in a dry form.

3 – Fewer Queen Losses

Total number of queens lost in the apiary. It is notable the significant reduction of queens lost when bees were fed with BVP™.
An impressive reduction in queen losses have been confirmed with field tests on a group of hives fed BVP™ in David Hackenberg’s apiaries in Pennsylvania.

4 – Protection Against pesticides

For the first time, a nutritional system was able to limit the detrimental effects of a pesticide – a huge advance in improving the honey bee’s health in the field.

Working as a research scientist at the University of Maryland, Dr. Humberto Boncristiani conducted a study in which he analyzed the full transcriptome of the fat bodies of honey bees fed BVP™. Dr. Boncristiani was intrigued by the genes expression profile he
observed. Immune genes showed significant improvement under the effect of BVP™. However, what really caught his attention was the behavior of the detoxification system. Bees activate their detoxification systems to fight exogenous components such as pesticides. The side effect is that this activation generates molecules, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROX), that can potentially damage the honey bees’ tissues. Under the BVP™ effect, bees express fewer of the many genes responsible for the detoxification system, a strong indication that BVP™ was helping to detoxify the bees’ systems. Dr. Boncristiani never experienced such results before. Wanting to be part of this innovative technology, Dr. Boncristiani left the University of Maryland to become the Chief Operation Officer of HealthyBees, LLC™.

Antioxidant capacity (mean+-se mM uric acid equivalents) of lipophiics (dark bars) and hydophilic (light bars)
test substances. Substances are: B12=Vitamin B12; B6=Vitamin B6; BC=Beta Carotene; BHT=Butylated Hydroxytoluene; BVP™= BeesVita Plus™ in molecular grade water.

Data shows that BVP™ has not only from 17 to 38 times more antioxidant power than other products for bees already in the market, but also shows that BVP™ is stronger than vitamins B6, B12 and beta-carotene combined.

No other product on the market has shown such standards for antioxidative capacity as BVP™. Dr. Steven Cook at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the unprecedented antioxidant power of BVP™. Antioxidants are the key factor to control ROX and stop the damage caused by oxidative stress.

To follow up the transcriptome experiment and also the oxidative analysis of BVP™ with further evidence, Dr. Cook performed
a cage study exposing bees fed BVP™ for a week to Paraquat, a strong herbicide, and measuring the levels of reactive oxygen
species (ROS).

Mean ± s.e.m levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in micromolar hydrogen peroxide equivalents, measured using commercial fluorometric assay kit (Cell BioLabs). The addition of BeesVita Plus™ reduced the level of ROS in bees exposed to the toxin Paraquat.

The results were incredible. BeesVita Plus™ impairs the amount of ROS formed by the herbicide, demonstrating for the first time that a nutritional system can lower the detrimental effects of pesticides.

Economic Benefits

Healthy Bees, LLC™ believes that beekeepers can greatly expand their profit margins.

    • By significantly reducing colony loss
    • Substantially increasing the production of honey and other bee products
    • Lowering labor costs
    • Increasing the overall health of their bee populations

Tests are ongoing on the Festuccia Del Vecchio hives on their farm in Italy. The tests began in 2009 with 10 hives, which have now swarmed to expand to 16 hives. Through the usage of BVPTM, the colonies have shown perfect health and had no problems related to CCD, while an average colony loss of 40% annually has been reported by neighboring farms during the same period.